FAQs for Tree Service Providers

One of the most important elements of your home’s landscape is the trees. According to experts, once the tree grows in the garden it is always difficult to deal with them since they grow slowly. In order for you not to commit mistakes when planting a tree in the garden, please make sure to always get the opinion of a landscape designer. A professional landscape designer will be able to determine where the tree should be placed in order to complete the aesthetics of the landscape as a hole.

LandscapeAs the tree grows, some issues like overarching limbs, showcasing signs of disease, slow rotting or decaying, and so on may arise. If you are not really sure of what you’re about to do, please make sure to seek help from a tree service company.

According to experts, the most dangerous job in the US includes tree removal. If you do the job personally, you should have at least a background regarding the service. It is always better to toss the job to professionals if you don’t have required expertise. To guide you along the way, here are some of the frequently asked questions that you should know:

Does the company need to have insurance?

The answer will always be yes. This is a very dangerous job and anything could happen to the worker and to your property even if one handling the work is professional. If the company offers liability insurance, it means that you have no financial liability towards any accident. If the worker has damaged your property, the cost will be covered by the company.

What is a multi-service tree company?

Think of this as “hitting two birds with one stone” situation. As a customer, you want to take advantage of multiple services under one cost. When hiring a company, choose a multi-service one because it offers not only tree cutting but also other services like recycling and tree health care. It is always better if you are using a company that has a full range of service rather than a more specialized one.

Why do you need a certified arborist?

When it comes to topnotch knowledge about tree and plant care, safety of planning, pesticides and other techniques for tree landscape and removal, you have no one else to consult except for an arborist. Arborist undergoes certification or licensing as provided by Arborist Association in the US. Using a service provided by an arborist will make sure that the standard of work is above the average level. Read this before engaging to any service provider.

Do you offer contract?

In every homeowner’s deal, it is important that there is a proof of agreement. Before you could sign the contract, you should be given time to review it. Once you are sure about what’s written in the contract, that is the time wherein you can affix your signature. Please remember that once you have signed it, you agreed to the clauses of the tree service Houston company. Receive latest tree maintenance from leading home builder www.keechicreekbuilders.com/.